hi, I’m Veronica, nice to meet you!

Hey, I’m veronica. I’m originally from New York City and currently living in Brooklyn. I love cooking, traveling, and collecting music. I also like to shoot photography and 3D model things. I’ll be the first to say that shooting a film or producing any project involving art can be difficult. At times, it takes a village. I firmly believe high-quality work creates high-quality results. Be sure to book me if you need either a camera assistant or coordinator. In addition to camera assisting, I also coordinate events and produce projects. I know how to keep the crew organized and events on schedule. I have a strong ability to figure things out in a pinch. Attention to detail is what i know. It’s been engrained in me since my Navy days. My life’s mission is to lift others as I climb and try my best to leave a positive impact on all who cross paths with me. If you’d like to book me, or if you simply want to chat, just reach out 🙂

warm regards,