Veronica Mammina currently works out of New York City as a Content Marketer in the tech industry and as a freelance artist serving customers in photography, videography, graphic design and musical curating. Veronica has over six years of experience as a professional storyteller. During her six year career, she worked on several teams within the U.S. Navy creating news products, writing press releases and serving as a departmental photographer for internal and external news serving customers around the globe in countries such as Israel, Bahrain, Singapore and Dubai, UAE contributing directly to the National Archives and Records Administration and Operation Inherent Resolve. During her time in the service, she served as an instructor teaching basic graphic design, video-editing, and layout and design techniques to students pursuing a career in mass communications within the Navy.

She is currently a Senior at Fordham University at Lincoln Center in New York City pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Communications & Media Studies.

As she transitions out of the Navy, Mammina wishes to continue her career as a storyteller, creator and visionary. Her interests are spending time with her partner, Jenna, her dog LuLu, music production, fitness, DJ’ing, and theology.