Veronica Mammina


My name is Veronica, some call me Vero, but either works fine with me. I take pictures of people. I live in Queens, New York but I call many places home. I love what I do, and adore the creative process. My approach to the art I create is very simple but is also cinematically inspired. You’ll notice I have a passion for cinematography, sound design, and writing. I began as a writer for my high school newspaper at the tender age of 15. It was during that age, I discovered a passion for storytelling. As a young writer, I took it very seriously and made sure the voices I represented were heard, the faces I snapped photos of told a unique story, and that the words I wrote were poetically constructed in a way that is familiar to the reader. More than ten years later, I’ve held those same values and sharpened my creative eye in ways I can only visually convey through my art.

I specialize in creating meaningful content through a variety of mediums: writing, photography, videography, motion graphics, animation, and graphic design.

Whether it be a news story, a talent showcase through video, feature news, or photographic coverage of an important event, I’ve learned the importance of great journalism, especially in an era of untrusted media and misinformation. I take pride in my work and am honored to have been able to practice my craft in the Navy as a Mass Communication Specialist (2012-2018). I led Sailors through several projects and operations both while deployed and stateside. From serving as a multimedia journalist, I felt the pain of deployed service members and allies and made sure to tell their stories throughout our country’s War on Terror. You’ll notice published content all over the web such as (but not limited to), All Hands Magazine, and Armed Forces Network during Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation New Dawn, and Operation Inherent Resolve. Be sure to take a look at my content on my stories page. I deployed to over eight countries around the globe and served as a reporter on the military’s news station Armed Forces Network, broadcasted to deployed service members.

My biggest accomplishment is not only serving my country as a professional storyteller, but training over 400 in the basic mass communication course. When there was a manning crisis at the Defense Information School (Military Public Affair Training Institution), I was handpicked to carry the torch and teach the next generation of Navy storytellers. There is no price to put on the ability to give back to those who would go on to fill my shoes after I move on to new chapters of my career. Be sure to see my page on student work.

Working at Kisi, the leader in access control technology, I learned the importance of minimizing burdens, rooting every decision in what the end-user actually needs to genuinely feel secure in their own place of work. We did this by solving real problems based on important customer feedback, which in turn works in favor of both the end-user and the team developing the product.

Being a New York City native has given me quite a bit to be thankful for. Not only is it culturally rich and artfully authentic, but it is diverse. Growing up in the most diverse place in the world has taught me is I must have the determination to stay focused on accomplishing tasks by exhausting all means in order to produce not only competitive but high-quality deliverables that will allow others to endure an easier, more sustainable life.


B.A. Communications – Fordham University

Aspiring Grad Student – To be determined


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